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Dear Family and Friends,

Why not start your summer by discovering the artist within yourself, with our very own “Merlot and Monet” Paint Night! For young adults and adults on Saturday June 26th from 7-8:30pm over Zoom.

No previous painting experience is necessary. The Paint Diva will be demonstrating the painting one step at a time, where she will start with a blank canvas and paint along with us. We will be painting the following picture:


$10 for members (a 50% discount!) And $20 for non-members. Everyone will get all the necessary items to paint the picture with the reregistration fee.

For some added fun, we've teamed up with The Grape Witches (https://www.grapewitches.com/) to provide everyone with some absolutely delicious natural, biodynamic and organic wines. The wines will be fresh, fun and meant to drink right now! On the registration page there will be a white, red or non-alcoholic option for an added cost. The wine bottles will be $25 each ($30 value) and the non-alcoholic wine will be available for $5

Please click the link below to register for the event. Registration will be open until June 11th. Please note due to the planning logistics we encourage early registration to avoid any disappointment!

Registration Link:

Just to summarize, here are the details for the event:

 *   $10 for members and $20 for non-members
 *   We will have two contactless pick-up points, one in the East and one in the West end to pick up your paint kits. We will email you two weeks prior with the locations. Persons picking up wine will be required to show proof of legal drinking age.
 *   Paint kits include: canvas, paints, brushes
 *   We have optional bottles of wine to compliment your painting experience (cost is extra for the wine)

 *   $25/bottle of wine ($30 value), $5/bottle of non-alcoholic wine
 *   You can paint with your family and friends abiding by the social distance rules
 *   We will email you the Zoom link one week prior to the event

We look forward to painting with you!



Your 2021 LCFT Executive Committee