We are pleased to see a continued increase of Membership which currently stands in excess of 650 family households and we encourage the community to join as Life Members to promote LCF to help increase our numbers. As a Life Member you are part of a large group of Lohanas outside India, who have the same goals and enjoy true sense of belonging. Some of the membership benefits are listed below:

  • Have a say in how the community is run
  • Involvement in the community‚Äôs social and cultural events
  • Play a hands-on role in helping the community
  • Receive e-newsletters, publications, news and events and members directory
  • Membership application can be made through the LCF website or by contacting our current Secretary or emailing info@mylohana.com for more information.

We are currently conducting a feasibility study with a view to producing our database and directory in an electronic format and an updated printed Booklet. Initial findings are positive and it is perceived that this will help and benefit the LCF Members.

Finally, we would like to thank all Members for their continual support of the LCF.

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