The current annual sponsorship opportunities are available for corporate entity, businesses, families and individuals to contribute towards supporting our community.
Annual Sponsorship runs from March 2018 to Feb 2019.
Minimum Donation/Sponsorship $5,000 $2,500 $1,000 $500 $250
Family Bowling Passes 4 4 2
Diwali Gala Dinner Tickets 20 10 4 2
Picnic Family 4 Pass
Youth Day 2 Passes or 2 Diwali Tickets 2 Passes or 2 Diwali Tickets 1 Pass or Diwali Ticket
Navratri Family Pass Regular Pass + Snack Pass Regular Pass + Snack Pass Regular Pass Regular Pass Regular Pass
New Years Eve 2 Tickets 2 Tickets
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LCFT reserves the right to change event pricing. Therefore, the value of each event may change.
 LCFT reserves the right to postpone, change or cancel an event at its discretion.  Refunds or compensation will not be provided for postponed, changed or cancelled events.
2018 Sponsorship Programs
Please contact one of our Sponsorship Committee for further information by filling in and submitting the form below.
Mitesh Kantaria 
Deval Chandarana 
Sheetal Dave
Kajal Gadhia
Mehul Panchmatia
Alka Panchmatia
Sharmil Mithia
Amar Gadhia
Hetal Kara
Sejal Thakrar
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