Posted by LCFT Lohana Charitable Foundation of Toronto on Feb 24, 2019
Dear Fellow Lohanas and Friends,
It has been a wonderful year and a great pleasure for me to have been your President to serve the Lohana Samaj, the LCFT - Lohana Charitable Foundation of Toronto, for the tenure of 2018. I salute all the previous Presidents and Committees for their commitment and dedication in keeping our community moving forward since the foundation was started.

Lohana Leaders
Within the community, we have several Lohanas who led by example as leaders in their organizations, social, charitable, spiritual and philanthropic endeavours.  Thank you for continued efforts in improving humanity and making our Lohana community proud.
Our Achievements
What a marvellous organization LCFT is, to give us the opportunity to meet other Lohanas in building lasting memories and friendships.  When I look at our achievements over the last 12 months, I feel proud to be a part of this community.  We implemented and invested in technology to make communications and event management processes easier with our website, emails, and mobile directory.  We raised operating funds this year from numerous sponsors, including several international sponsors, and donations.  Our heartfelt thanks to all of these supporters.

The year’s funding was also strengthened with an increase in paid annual memberships, whereby our active paid membership more than doubled from last year. We also structured a non-membership rate for our events, which allowed our paid members to appreciate the value in becoming a paid annual member, and in paying early in the year.
This cash-flow allowed us to budget and manage several successful events, and overall is a tribute to our community in supporting the association.  As a result, we ended the year in a positive balance, and need to keep this momentum for future growth.  I encourage every one of you to continue your annual membership and encourage family and friends to do the same to allow us to grow and do bigger and better things.
The Executive Board
The following are the in 2018 Executive Board members who put Seva above self and should be recognized for their valuable efforts to the community. My go-to advisors and council of Mehul Panchmatia for his mentorship, and Alka Panchmatia for her guidance and hands-on involvement; Deval Chandarana in her supportive role as Vice President, Sheetal Savani Dave for her ideas and keeping us in line as Treasurer, Kajal Gadhia for her notes and covering the role as Secretary; Sejal Thakrar for timely auto-dial communications and support to the bereavement committee, Amar Gadhia for the bulletins and newsletters, Sharmil Mithia and Hetal Kara for their valuable inputs as event leads and direction, Sanjay Dave for his energy as our event photographer, and my wonderful wife Rashmi Kantaria for standing by me and being involved through the term. We were all supported by our spouses and families, who I also extend my thanks to.

The Bereavement Committee
Our Bereavement Committee has been supportive as ever in helping out when and where needed.  Our heartfelt gratitude to these individuals who support our community at the toughest of times at the drop of a hat.  Thank you to Sureshbhai Thakrar, Vipinbhai Mithia, Kantibhai Raja, Ashokbhai Thakrar, Sejal Thakrar, Kamleshbhai Thakrar, Indiraben Somaia, Sarojben Rach, Deepakbhai Ruparell and Sunitbhai Radia.

Our Events
The year’s events were attended by many and enjoyed by all.  Our 2018 events included the AGM, Bingo Bowling, Hanuman Jayanti, Summer Picnic, Navratri, Chopda Poojan, Diwala Gala Dinner, and Jalaram Jayanti.  The success of these events is credited to our Executive Board, event leads, sub-committees and volunteers, who all worked incredibly hard as a team.
We were also supported by our priests, namely Panditji Kishorbhai Jani, Pandit Roopnauth Sharma, and Panditji Dr. Budhendranauth Doobay who as always are all there for the Lohana community when we need them. 

My gratitude to each of you for your dedication, hard work, time, energy and commitment to the community.
The Incoming Executive Board
I wish the incoming Executive Board all the very best for the forthcoming year.  I know each and every one of you will encourage them positively and support them.

The new 2019 Committee Members include Deval Chandarana (President), Anuj Dhrona (VP), Sheetal Savani Dave (Treasurer), Sahil Radia (Secretary), Alka Panchmatia (Advisory), Sejal Thakrar (Communications), Amar Gadhia (Newsletter), Sharmil Mithia (Director), Hetal Kara (Director) and Mitesh Kantaria (Past President), who together aim to continue the community’s development.
We are looking to other Lohanas to join our sub-committees, manage new events and programs, and be more involved, with guidance and training where needed.  The more of us that are involved, the more we can achieve.  We welcome new ideas and new energy to continue our development, so please participate at any level you can.
In closing, I encourage young and old alike to remain engaged with our Lohana community because when we are together…"Unity is Strength!"

Jai Siya Ram, Jai Sri Krishna, Jai Hanumanji, Jai Swaminarayan.
Mitesh R. Kantaria
and the Board of Directors
2018 Lohana Charitable Foundation of Toronto