Posted by LCFT Lohana Charitable Foundation of Toronto on Mar 23, 2019
"Chaale Hanuman yahaa aye, shree Ramji ki dhun machaye".....chanting the holy name of Shree Ram and Shree Jalarambapa, members of the Lohana Community, together with family and friends converged at the Mississauga Ram Mandir on Saturday 23rd March, 2019 for Bhajans. Devotees led by our LCFT President Deval Chandarana chanted Bhajans with melodious music provided by musicians from the Ram Mandir.
The Bhajans were followed by delicious Mahaprasad.
We also wish to thank the following for their contributions towards making this event a success:
  • Pandit Paul Sharma, Kishorbhai Jani, and the other Pandits, musicians, singers and the entire team at the Mississauga Ram Mandir
  • We wish to thank all the devotees & fellow community members who supported the event
  • The delicious Mahaprasad was catered by Jalsa Foods, and we wish to thank Rajeshbhai for supporting the community
  • A warm thank you to all LCFT members and those of the community that helped to set up at the Bhajans and the Mahaprasad, including Youth volunteers from our community. Your help was priceless and greatly appreciated!
  • A special thank you to the Bhajan Subcommittee led by Alka Panchmatia and ably assisted by Kajal Gadhia and Neesha Mithia
  • Thank you to Sanjay Dave for contributing his time in taking and editing the photos of the event.