Posted by LCFT Lohana Charitable Foundation of Toronto on Feb 25, 2019
2019 Presidents Opening Message
Jai Shree Krishna.
I am humbled, honoured and privileged to assume the role of the President for our community for 2019.  I am deeply grateful to my predecessor Mitesh Kantaria for the leadership and outstanding contribution to our community during his presidency. Indeed, the growth of the community has been propelled collectively by members of the executive team and the board members, without their support none of what we have achieved would be possible. Thank you all for your hard work.
A friend from outside of our community said to me…so, what exactly does “President of your community mean? What is your purpose?”
I think it’s a good idea to ask ourselves that occasionally. It’s time to reflect and get back to the core meaning of what I am being asked to do. So, this is what I told her…
“My community is the centre of my family. It’s the center of my world…my children’s world and my husband’s world. It represents my faith. Without it, I believe I would be lost. I intend to continue unifying us, so we have the strength to carry us together, through this sometimes-crazy world.”
In this endeavour, I am joined by, Anuj Dhrona as VP, Alka Panchmatia- Advisory, Sheetal Dave (Savani)- Treasurer, Sahil Radia- Secretary. Hetal Kara, Amar Gadhia, Sharmil Mithia, Mitesh Kantaria as Board Members. Sejal Thakrar as Communications & Sanjay Dave as our Photographer.
Sub Committee: Kajal Gadhia, Kavita Kara, Swadha Dhrona, Neesha Mithia, Rashmi Kantaria, Sheetal Chetan (Somaya) Vishal Chetan, Mehul Panchmatia and Ash Chandarana.
As a team, we are hoping to introduce a day event for the youth. We have seen how youth activities are beneficial for team building and leadership in the younger generation. Anuj is working on this project and it is still in its planning phase. We will seek the community’s support for this event.
As an individual, I strongly believe that “community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter.” (Brian Solis)
With that in mind, I have a vision for us as a community to do a Food Drive, benefiting a group close to our community and teaches the future generation the joy of giving.
Together we will continue to solicit for volunteers, to help with our always exciting events, and make sure we have avenues to fund all that we want to accomplish and maintain our community as the best community ever.
Deval Chandarana