Our motto is "UNITY IS STRENGTH".

Our aim is to bring together the fellow community members in Canada‚Äôs Lohana Community in celebrating the various cultural festivals of our community and embrace our heritage, to enhance the cultural, educational, social and sporting skills of our members, and create an environment where individuals and families can feel united with a sense of belonging to a wider community and extended family of support. We also welcome our overseas Lohanas to participate in our sense of community and support.

Through this platform we wish to build closer united ties between the community members by providing the following:

  • Up-to-date information on news & events
  • Online newsletters
  • Access to articles contributed by community members
  • Enhancing a deep sense of belonging to the Community
  • Preservation of our rich culture and heritage
  • Promoting welfare of Community through Education, Health Care, Matrimonial Assistance
  • Strengthening self reliance through networking between the federal and subordinate associates / and international Lohana Mahajans
  • Supporting those who have lost a loved and dear one